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17 x

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 nobodydopeasyou said: "can i have a dirty or non dirty (which ever you want) harry imagine! my name is munera, btw love your imagines!"

Can you request your Harry imagine on http://50-shades-of-stylesx.tumblr.com/ if you still want it? because that is side blog and I’m more on there than I am here and I think I’m going to delete this one here :)

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If you want to requests anything, then request it on 50-shades-of-stylesx.tumblr.com because this is a side blog of my personal and I’m going to be on there more often than here 

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Ask them, not me

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Preference #36 - You tweet a song lyrics which he replies to 

Harry: @(Y/T/N): “I want you to rock me, rock me, rock me yeeeeah
@Harry_Styles: “Gladly. You don’t need to tell me twice ;) .xx

Liam: @(Y/T/N): “I’m in love with you and all your little things <3
@Real_Liam_Payne: “I love you too babe! xx

Louis: @(Y/T/N): “Spare me what you think and tell me a lieeeeeee”
@Louis_Tomlinson: “I don’t love you :) xx #ijusttoldyoualie

Niall: @(Y/T/N): “And there must have been a time I was the reason for that smile, so keep in mind ..
@NiallOfficiall: “You’re still the reason for my smile babe !!

Zayn: @(Y/T/N): “I want I want I want to be loved by you”
@zaynmalik: “You are already loved by me aha :) x

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Preference #35 - What you do on his day off 

Harry: You go out to a nice restaurant. Since Harry isn’t home as often as he wants to, he at least wants you to take to a romantic dinner to the best restaurant in the city. You both actually don’t care what you do as long as you are together.

Liam: Liam walks around the city with you on his day off. Whether it’s London or another british city not far from London, it’s important to him to spend every possible minute with you since he’s always on tour.

Louis: You two go shopping. Of course in the city he is in at the moment. He loves to spoil you, especially as a kind of apologize since he can’t be with you as much as he wants to. 

Niall: Niall suggests to take you to the fair where you two can have a lot of fun. Later that evening he decides to take you to a restaurant because he fair can make someone (especially Niall) really hungry.

Zayn: You two just stay either at his place or at your place. He just wants to be alone with you. Nobody to interrupt your cuddling. You even turned off your phones. It’s just the two of you for the whole day.

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Preference #34 - Your toddler’s room 







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Preference #33 - You meet him for the first time 

Harry: You’re sitting in Starbucks with your best friend. She says that she wants a new coffee. So you stand up and walk to the counter to buy a new one. Your coffee is ready and just as you’re turning to walk back to your friend, you run into someone. “I’m sorry”, you hear his voice and as you look up, you see his beautiful green eyes that are staring into yours. A smile appears on his perfect face and he apologizes. “It’s okay”, you answer. “Let me buy you a new one”, he says. “This coffee wasn’t actually for me. It was for my friend”, you say and smile. “Okay. Then let me buy you two a new coffee and for that you give me your number?”, he says and smiles cheekily. You laugh and nod. That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Liam: You’re in the cinema to watch your favorite movie Toy Story 3. You really can’t wait to see it because you’ve been waiting for so long. Just as you are about to enter the cinema, you see a tall guy at the stairs with his phone in his hand. You go past him and search your row you’re gonna sit in. You finally found your seat and sit down. You pull out your phone and go on twitter when suddenly you see a guy sit right next to you. You look up but he is already looking at you. You can’t help but stare at him because he’s hot and his brown eyes are amazing. “Hi I’m Liam”, he said and holds his hand out. “I’m (Y/N)”, you reply, smiling. “Are you a fan of Toy Story? I am and it would be amazing if a beautiful girl like you would love it so we can talk about it”, he says, grinning. You nod and you talk about Toy Story and about yourself until the movie starts. 

Louis: You are shopping with your two best friends. You are texting on your phone because one of your other best friends texted you. While you’re replying, you run into someone. As you look up to see who it is, you notice the boy’s blue eyes staring right in to yours. “I-I’m sorry”, he says. “How can I make it up to you?” You just smile and say that everything is alright. “Can I take you out on a date to make it up to you?”, he asks, staring at you with hope in his eyes. You nod and you give him your number. “I’ll text you. I’m Louis by the way”, he says and holds his hand out for you. “I’m (Y/N)”, you reply and shakes his hand. You wave at him and walk away with your friends, having Louis on your mind all day.

Niall: You are at Nandos with your guy best friend. He’s telling you a joke when you notice a boy walking in. Blonde hair, blue eyes. Dreamboy. He looks around the room, apparently to find someone, when his eyes meet yours and you can’t help but blush. “I’m going to get more food”, you say to your best friend, not leaving the blonde boy’s eyes. You walk tp the counter when someone taps you on your shoulder. You turn around to see the handsome boy. “Hi, I’m Niall and I just saw you sitting there with your boyfriend. I have to say you’re beautiful”, he says and looks at the floor to hide that he’s blushing. “Thank you. I’m (Y/N) and he’s not my boyfriend. He’s just my best friend. And by the way, you’re handsome too”, you reply smiling. He smiles back at you and asks for your number. You give him your number. “I’ll text you”, he says while saving your number. “Great. Um, I have to go. See you”, you say and give him a kiss on the cheek. He blushes and smiles at you.

Zayn: You want to get a tattoo but you don’t know which one. You’re sitting there and looking for a nice tattoo when you notice someone standing next to you. You look up to see a very handsome boy. “I’d take this one”, he says and points to the star tattoo. You look at him confused. “I’m Zayn and if you want, we can get a tattoo together. Maybe like a date?”, he says while looking at you with hopeful eyes. You smile and nod. “I’d love you. I’m (Y/N) by the way”, you reply and you two sit together there and look for a good tattoo.

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Preference #32 - He’s jealous of your celebrity crush 

Harry: You’re checking your twitter when you see a tweet of your celebrity crush Zac Efron. It says: ‘On my way to London.' You begin to fangirl and Harry just stares at you. “What's up?”, he asks you. “Zac Efron is on his way to London. Babe, we have to meet him!”, you say. Harry just rolls his eyes. “Be honest, babe. You love me, right?”, Harry asks. You nod. “Then why do you want to see him when you can see me all the time? I'm much sexier than he is”, Harry says. “Harry, you have a celebrity crush and I do and you want to meet your celebrity crush as much as I want to meet mine”, you answer. “But I can't stand the thought of you staring at him all the time. I'm your boyfriend, not him!”, he says and crosses his arms in front of his chest. “Harry, you know I love you and only you”, you say and kiss him. A smile appears on his face and he kisses you back.

Liam: You are sitting in a restaurant with Liam, when suddenly everyone take out their cameras and take pictures of something. Liam and you turn your head to where the people are looking and you see your celebrity crush - David Backham. You can’t help but stare at him. He looks at you and winks. You blush and you see Liam looking at you. “Babe, I think we should go”, Liam says while he stands up and takes your hand. “But David is here”, you reply. Liam sighs and leads you out of the restaurant. “Why do you even like him? I have abs too”, Liam says. You chuckle and kiss him on the cheek. “You are better, sexier and hotter than anyone else, But I’m at you for not letting me take a picture with him. Or even talking to him”, you reply. Liam says nothing and keeps driving home.

Louis: You and Louis are in the park, when you see Tom Daley standing there. “Oh my god, Louis. Can we go to him and ask for a picture?”, you ask Louis while staring at Tom. “Why? Can’t we just go back home? I want to cuddle with you”, he replies. “Please. You know how much I love him”, you answer and pout. “You know I hate when you talk about him while I’m with you”, Louis replies. “Yeah, because you’re jealous. Can we please go now?”, you ask. Louis sighs and says, “But I’m not taking that damn picture for you. I don’t want to take a picture of my girlfriend with another man”, Louis says and you just shake your head.

Niall: Niall and you are sitting at Nandos, where you see Josh from Union J. Niall sighs as he realizes that you are staring at him with the biggest smile on your face. “Babe, it looks like he makes you happier than I do”, Niall says with food in his mouth. You look at Niall and sigh. “Niall, you know it’s not true”, you reply. “It is. Whenever you see him, you smile an idiot. You don’t even know him personally. You’ve only seen him on TV. I bet he isn’t even that nice”, Niall says and looks down at his food. “You’re cute when you’re jealous”, you say, grinning. You lay your arm around his shoulder and kiss him on his cheek. “But you don’t have to be jealous. I’m all yours”, you add.

Zayn: You and Zayn are walking around London, when you meet Tom from The Wanted aka your celebrity crush. Tom looks at you and smiles. You blush and Zayn notices. “I don’t know what you like about him. He’s a jerk”, Zayn says and glares at Tom. You look at Zayn and smile lightly. “Don’t worry, I like … oh wait … I love you more than him. Way more”, you replay and kiss him.

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